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This the jump before the Willow St. Bridge in Long Beach, CA, along the LA River.  When they built this bridge they didn’t factor in a heavy rain event and realized after the fact that a large enough storm could send the river right over the bridge and likely destroy it.  The jump causes the turbulent water to settle before passing under the bridge.  What you are seeing here is 1 million gallons of water passing this point every 30 minutes.

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Yesterday the newest addition to my stable of bikes arrived, this one a birthday gift from my wife and kids.  She’s hand built by the folks at Rivendell bikes, a model A. Homer Hilsen.  Just gorgeous!.  For those not familiar with Rivendell and it’s owner Grant Peterson, here’s a link.  Lugged steel frames, designed for bike riders, not racers, so it’s not for everyone.  But if this suits your taste, you can’t go wrong.  The only downside is I had to wait 3 months to have it built.

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For those in So Cal, it’s raining which is a big deal here, lol.  For cyclists who ride the LA River, here is a view from the Willow St. Bridge.  As you can see the water is nearly up to the bike path.  If you are unfamiliar with this stretch of the river, from the bike path to the floor of the channel is 40 feet in height and at this point the river is 200 ft across.  That translates to a million gallons of water passing this point every 30 minutes that the flow remains this high.  These shots were taken around 10 am, with another 12 hours of rain forecasted.

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